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Dr. Jamyang Gyatso is an eighth-generation Tibetan physician, who began his studies of Tibetan methods of physical and spiritual healing with his family. His formal education led him to Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, where he graduated with dignity after nine years studying Buddhist philosophy, and then went on for further studies in medicine. Graduating at the top of his class from Tibetan medical & Astro college, he then pursued advanced studies with the late Professor Lobsang Choephel, Prof. Pasang Yonten and personal physicians of H.H. The Dalai Lama. Before coming to the U.S. he served for eight years as Chief Medical Officer at four different Tibetan medical centers in India. He was a representative at the International Congress on Alternative Medicine in 1998, and was awarded silver and gold medals, in 1996 and 1998, by the Board of Alternative Medicine in India for his work with cancer patients. Nowadays he is teaching and consulting on mind, body and spirit in conjunction with Tibetan medicine. He says "The treatment is not only physical. It is very important to consider inner mind and  spirit."  Since 2000 he has been  working at Yuthog Center for Natural Health Care. you can make online consultation and  individual consultations:

Tel: 413-328-0372  or  bluemedbuddha@yahoo.com

Dr. Norzom Gyatso, completed the full seven-year Tibetan medical training at Men-Tse-Khang before coming to the United States. She has been providing Tibetan medical diagnosis and treatment here for fifteen years. In addition to her training and experience, she brings to the practice a special rapport with women patients and children, and an excellent command of the English language.

Tel: 413-734-1341  or  too_ez@yahoo.com

Health Tips: Would you like to reduce your Weight? It is easy, always eat limited and healthy food. For Example; keep stomach should be tow-third full with food, one-third full with liquids and one-third just leave empty. Every morning, empty stomach, drink a full of cup(12 FL OZ) completely boiled warm water. It cleanses our body of toxic compounds; raise great metabolism and rejuvenates our system, free from  Gastric problems and heart burn. But, be cautious not too hot. That’s it. Drugs and diet free.

Stop smoking: Every time you lit a cigarette, it reduces 11 seconds of your precious life.   .

What is in Tobacco smoke?

Tars – These turns to vapor in the smoke, then condense back into thick, sticky tars in the respiratory system.
Carbon monoxide – This gas makes red blood cells less able to carry oxygen around the body.
Nicotine – An addictive drug that has many harmful effects on the brain and nervous systems.

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if you have a more questions,  please E-mail: bluemedbuddha@yahoo.com


Tibetan Medicine is an integrated system of health care that has served the Tibetan people well for many

 centuries and which, I believe, can still provide much benefit to humanity at large"

~H. H. 14th Dalai Lama


May Lapis lazuli king of Medicine bless and watch you always



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