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                            Any questions for Hinayana to Mahayana. Mahayana to Dzogpachenpo.


            Education is more important than devotion !

  “Oh monks and followers, when I teach to you, don't accept it blindly,

because you love and respect me. But, examine and put it to test, just as a

goldsmith examines gold by cutting, heating and hammering or rubbing

to know whether it was genuine gold or artificial one. If you see it is

acceptable, only then accepts and follow it and not just out of devotion."

This is the Buddha's Way."

 ~ Buddha Shakyamuni


"Buddha’s cannot wash away your sins by Water.
Sentient being's suffering cannot be cleared by my (Buddhas) Hand.
I showed you the path to Liberation,
but you should know that liberation depends on yourself."

~ Buddha Shakyamuni




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