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The benefit of observing the great festival of the tenth day


By H. H, Dudjom Rinpoche



(Dakini Tsog and Puja)

When we practice the Goddess Tara rite (Tib: Drolchog), Please dress up nice and clean and avoid meat,

onion, Garlic, alcohol & tobacco. Because it is a progress or action Tantra (Sanskrit: Kriyatantra). purifying

external activities  is very Important. Thank you.


General Knowledge:


What is the Nyungné Practice (Fasting)?

Nyungné Practice is the most effective course of practices for purifying both environmental pollution and our own negative karma. It was revealed by Bhikshuni Phalmo, who suffered from leprosy. She performed the practice for 12 years through Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara) practice and became a great siddhi, attaining the Rainbow Body of the Buddhas. The retreat course involves powerful practices of purification such as periods of fasting, prostrations, and silence. Practitioners will also recite the six-syllable Mani Mantra (Om Mani Peme Hung) which purifies the seeds of the six realms within oneself. Moreover it has the power of pacifying all the suffering of sentient beings. In this way, the practice increases peace everywhere and can help bring about lasting World Peace, so needed in these degenerate times. The purification practices increase positive energies and so in and of themselves are causes for happiness and harmony.The inclusive vows should be kept during the practice:

  l. No killing
  2. No stealing
  3. No sex
  4. No lying
  5. No drinking alcohol
  6. No idle chatter, singing or dancing, makeup or ornaments
  7. No evening meals
  8. No sitting in high seats

In case you have doubts about your health or your ability to physically handle this retreat, please consult your doctor. The prostrations are somewhat strenuous, but it is possible to perform them very slowly!       

What is the The Ritual of Fire Offering Puja?

The Ritual Fire Offering originalted in the ancient Indian tradition, and plays an important role in Buddhist Tantric practice. It was commonly performed at the conclusion of the prescribed meditation retreats associated with specific meditational deities, in order to compensate for any errors that may have occurred during the practice. It can also be done to pacify hindrances such as illness, and may be performed to increase merit, wealth, life span and so forth. So, based on the unique tradition left by the great Indian master Padmasambhava, we are performing this ritual Puja here.

What is the Mahakala Puja / Request to the Dharma protectors?

This Prayer is traditionally offered to the Dharma Protector Mahakala. It is originally practiced for one day intensively in order to drive away obstacles to peace and progress in the Dharma. It is an effective way to let go of negativity and to purify our body, speech and mind.

What is the Mountain of Burnt smoke offerings Puja (Riwo Sang ChÖt) ?

Riwo Sang ChÖt is a form of smoke offering to all Buddhas, Deities, Dharma Protectors and Dakinis. This enables participants to accumulate lots of merits and blessings as well as to purify negative karma.  Also function as offerings to spirits and all the sentient beings in the six realms. It serves to pay off our Karmic debts of our previous lives. In addition, the offerings can help one to get rid of all kinds of negative Karma, sicknesses and obstacles as well as increase wealth and life span.  Besides there is the power to gain victory over anything that disturbs or shortens the life, as well as the power to protect one from black magic, scandal, loss of face and loss of dignity.    

 More Dharma vocabulary.......



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