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Rely on the teacher’s message,
not the personality.

Rely on the meaning,
not just the words.

Rely on the real meaning,
not the provisional one.

Rely on your wisdom mind, not
your ordinary judgmental mind.


Buddha Shakyamuni





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Finding a true Guru


Guide to finding a guru 尋找上師的指導

Be selective. Check the guru’s background before choosing to become a follower. A guru is a teacher who should have studied and attained a high level of spiritual development and God-consciousness.


Check the linage of the guru; for example, is he or she initiated and, if so, by whom? Is the guru’s guru known and respected?

審查上師的傳承,例如,他或她的淵源,如果有的話,是從誰處得到傳承? 他或她的上師是否眾所周知並且得到尊敬?

Do not become carried away by the religious rituals the guru performs.


A true guru will not simply hand out answers to all your questions but will enlighten you with his wisdom and teachings.


Your guru is your spiritual teacher on the path of finding God. Do not expect him or her to perform miracles, although you may experience wonders in their presence.


Improve your understanding about God-consciousness through spiritual studies so that you have some foundation on the science of spirituality before picking a guru.


Meet more than one guru so you can analyses which one is right for you.


If you meet someone about whom you feel strongly, go ahead and test him or her. There is nothing wrong with questioning a potential guru, because just as a guru tests his disciple before imparting knowledge, you can also test the guru’s worthiness.


A genuine guru is true healer and will perform this service and offer his blessings selflessly and unconditionally without requesting for money.


A guru is beyond organized religion and he looks on all the mankind as the same. The master does not discriminate on the

 basis of culture, nationality or gender. The true guru only seeks the student who intensely desires spiritual growth.


A guru will never ask a student to renounce his or her religion. The guru will lift the student to comprehend the universal spiritual principles. Whichever spiritual path or religion one follows, they all finally lead to the path of grace of the guru.



Guru Yoga (Meditating upon One’s Guru)

Practice entitled Shower of Blessings

                                                                                                                                  Original Tibetan text

                                                                 Homage to the Guru!              Guru Yoga in Tibetan script

 This is the universal remedy that develops respect and devotion,

Bestows blessings upon one’s heart

And perfects one’s spiritual experience and realization,

Recite this prayer with great enthusiasm.



 I pay homage to the pristine awareness  

The essence of the three kayas appearing in the form of the guru

Great blaze of compassion – aware and luminous

Liberating sentient beings in the sphere of primordial liberation.


In the nature of the ever excellent unfabricated awareness

Beyond focus, thought and expression,

Appears in the midst of offering clouds above the space in front, a lion throne with sun and moon seat  

Upon which resides the unparalleled kind “Lord of Dharma”,

The unequalled Palden Yeshe, the Glorious Wisdom.”

 Looking astonishingly handsome and warrior-like,

Smiling, you gaze upon me with compassion.

Your dark blue hair is tied up on your crown

You wear a white shamthab, zen(Buddhist monk robe) and blue shirt.

Adorned with earrings, you hold a kila in your sash and wear a meditation belt around your body.

Your two hands rest in the posture of relaxing

And your two legs are in the Vajra posture of meditation.

Merely remembering you dispels the fears of both samsara and nirvana.

Merely seeing you keeps the three poisons from arising.

I meditate upon you as the essence of all the objects of refuge.

 I prostrate before you with reverence, respect and faith.

As the mudra of offering I offer all appearances and existence.

I confess all negativities and downfalls in the sphere of uncompounded reality.

I rejoice in all positive actions and virtues.

I request that you turn the dharma wheel of the three vehicles.

I beseech you not to pass away into nirvana but to remain as the protector of beings.

I dedicate all merit for all beings to attain liberation.

May I be able to accomplish the ocean of intention and conduct!

 Kye Kye!

You are the source, from which all Buddhas emanate and dissolve,

You hold the treasure of wisdom, compassion and power

And are as well the embodiments of unparalleled compassion.

From the bottom of my heart, I supplicate with faith.

Please ripen and liberate my mind

And help me actualize the intention of the three kayas!


 Supplication prayer to the Previous Lives of the Great Master Palden Yeshe


 Although you attained enlightenment primordially, in the perception of beings

You appeared as shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, bodhisattvas and vidyadharas.

The full display of your manifestations is fathomless.

I pray to you, compassionate and glorious protector.

 In the Land of Noble Ones, you appeared as Danasanskrita and

Were accepted with compassion by Guru Rinpoche.

Mastering the yoga of channels and winds through Mamo [1] practice,

You tamed the mother goddesses, the protectors of dharma, like servants.

I pray to Drokmi Palgyi Yeshe!

 Accepted with love by Guru Rinpoche, Vimalamitra and Berotsana,

You gained mastery over appearances and mind.

You have spread the teachings of the Three Inner Tantras like rays of the sun.

I pray to you, Gyalmo Yudra Nyingpo.

 As the manifested wisdom display of both Yudra and Drokmi

You were born in Langpo.

By revealing many treasures like the teachings of Kagye and the Three Roots,

You nurtured beings according to their mental dispositions.

I pray to you, the dharma holder, Dechen Lingpa.

 As the rebirth of Dechen Lingpa,

Born in Chong Gye, you travelled to Mongolia and revealed

The treasure teachings of Khandro Gongdu, the Collective Intention of Dakinis.

I pray to you who thus raised the lamp of the teachings.

As Drokmi, the translator born in Ngyag Rong.

You revealed the Drolma Nyingthig, Tara’s heart essence teachings, from the sacred

place of Drongtul.

Benefiting whoever you encountered, you passed away to celestial realms.

I pray to Dudjom Dungral Lingpa.

 Cared for by the Lord of Siddhas, Choying Ralo and

Khanyam Lingpa, who attained the rainbow body,

You became a Dzogchen yogi who saw the ultimate and supreme reality.

I pray to you, Khyabdal Dorje!

 In these degenerate times, you appeared in this world

And met with noble beings.

Throughout your life you established retreat centres of accomplishment.

I pray to Palden Yeshe.

 By the power of supplicating you, the noble being,

May the two obscurations be extinguished and the two merits accumulated!

May I be able to stay in solitary mountain retreats and accomplish my practice

And become capable of cherishing the two spiritual attainments.

 If you wish recite“Calling the Lama from Afar”.

 Care for me, unequalled master Palden Yeshe.

Look from the expanse of reality, the pervading sameness of samsara and nirvana!

Unleash the knot of dualistic grasping!

Make me actualize the reality beyond thought!

 Only father, kind guru,

With intense longing, I pray to you.

May you always care for me with your compassion!

Please bestow the blessings of the four empowerments now!

 From the three syllables at the lama’s three places

Lights radiate spontaneously and instantaneously.

Dissolving into my four places,

I receive the four empowerments and cleanse the four obscurations

Becoming a suitable vessel to practice the four paths

And a fortunate one to attain the four kayas.

 Finally, the lama dissolves into me.

Becoming inseparable through the lama’s blessings,

May I see all appearances as the lama’s manifestations!

 By the merit accumulated from this practice,

May I attain the level of my glorious protector lama

And lead all beings without exception to this state!

 While generating intense devotion and respect, I, Pema Thugje Wangchuk, nurtured with compassion by my root guru Palden Yeshe, composed this prayer on the twenty-fourth day of the third Tibetan month at a solitary retreat place in the Lion Mountain, due to the persistent request by young monks including Jamyang and Pema Wangchen and others.  May this effort be meaningful!

[1] Mother Divinity                                                                                 Tibetan Script text

                                                                                                     Short Biography of Ogyen Rinpoche

Do not forget the Guru, pray to him at all the time.

Do not be carried away by thoughts, watch the nature of mind.

 Do not forget death, persist in Dharma.

 Do not forget sentient beings; with compassion dedicate your merits to them.

~Buddha Shakyamuni




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